Eliminating food waste

In Nigeria alone more than 40% of vegetable and fruits harvested are wasted before they even leave the farms. The pain is much when more than 25% people in Nigeria lack access to nutritious diet is enough reason for us to fight food waste and improve the farming system.


Nigeria food system is faced with too many challenges for decades which can be narrowed down to lack of proper process for sustainability. Starting from proper harvest practice, access to market, effective logistics services ,preservative facilities and sometimes too much harvest at a go. But the impact of food waste is beyond just consumption. It’s simply tells us that we looses too much agricultural water for not eaten the food, we loos chunk amount of green house gas emissions to our environment, we loos large amount of energy in the farming process. Rescuing food from the farm and delivering direct to your doorstep helps in preventing not only food waste but it also helps in supporting efforts to eradicate hunger and impacting the environment through sustainability. Our mission is to provide access to low cost high quality food base on demand.